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Iceland is a country in the northern Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by rugged mountains, steaming geysers and a mostly frozen landscape. Icelanders live a clean and simple way of life, drinking from the purest sources of glacial water, eating what they raise on the land and braving through the brutal, dark winters.

They are a strong people- both physically and emotionally. And it’s no surprise that Iceland is the healthiest country in the world and its people are the fittest on Earth.

Jason Stone, the founder of Icelandic Fitness, lived in Iceland as a child. He was awestruck by the landscape, the people and their extremely healthy lifestyle. To him, it’s always been “a mystical and spiritual place,” that left a lasting impression.

And that’s why he decided to bring a little bit of Iceland to Colorado. The philosophy of achieving physical fitness through better diet, recovery (infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen, Normatec Compression boots), exercise, and a healthy mental outlook is the key to living a more balanced life. Let us help you find success in your work and personal life and a renewed excitement in each and every day.