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Migraine Research Study in collaboration with Neil Wolkodoff

Migraine Research Study

Do you get 6+ migraines or related symptoms per month?

If so, you may qualify for our beta study on a new treatment, which is an all-natural supplement, for migraines starting approximately February 15.

You can be male or female as long as you meet the number requirement for total episodes, are age 30 or over, have a consistent lifestyle and medication regimen. You need to be consistent with medications, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise for the study period.

You can live anywhere to participate in the study, the supplement will be shipped to you. You will receive free supplement, one of two types, for the project (worth $300), and a $50 Visa gift card upon completion.

Supplement will be shipped to you, and all record forms are completed online. The compound is a unique plant-based compound and has no known negative interactions with any medication or condition. You would take the supplement once per day for 60 days, and record migraine incidents in a simple journal done online with SurveyMonkey.

Study Steps:

  • Make sure you fit the basic requirements.

  • Email for an application and consent form.

  • Complete the application and consent, return for review.

  • Upon acceptance, take 30-day symptom survey online right before study starts.

  • Take supplement daily for eight weeks, once per day.

  • Record Migraine trends at the end of week four.

  • Record Migraine trends for the last 30 days of the supplement usage.

  • Complete study and receive $50 Visa gift card.

Please note, you must have a computer or pad that will allow you to complete editable pdf documents and SurveyMonkey questionnaires. Because of the number of subjects, we cannot accept paper documents in any form or photos of paper documents. If you cannot meet this requirement, you cannot be in the study. Please fill out and return the application form and consent. We will let you know if you qualify and are accepted.

Neil Wolkodoff, PhD., Study Coordinator

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