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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Treatment for Long Covid and Post Covid

In the U.S. alone, the current number of COVID-19 cases has reached nearly 75 million as the country with the highest number of confirmed cases worldwide.

As more COVID-19 patients recover each day, a new complication of the virus has been discovered: lingering COVID-19 symptoms. These symptoms are felt by people—even those with mild cases of the virus—who have officially recovered from COVID-19, but continue to experience symptoms long afterwards.

The affected people are being referred to as “long haulers” and the condition has been called long COVID, post-COVID-19 syndrome, and post-acute COVID-19 syndrome amongst other terms.

While research is still being conducted on why this occurs and how to treat these symptoms, patients who are struggling with lingering COVID-19 symptoms are actively seeking methods to resolve their complications in order to get back to their daily lives.

Early Success stories from Post-Covid symptoms and Long Haul Covid

Starting in the early stages of March of 2020 Icelandic Fitness and Recovery started to get some of the first patients in Denver, Colorado to use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (Hbot) to treat symptoms related to Covid-19. The first patient I remember was a young chiropractor that complained of stomach pain and IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) like symptoms. We decided to treat aggressively considering more than likely the spike proteins had settled in her gut and digestive symstem. After 10+ one hour sessions she began to see some relief.

A few weeks later, Icelandic Fitness and Recovery patient number 2, another young female. She was dealing with serious fatigue/exhaustion post covid which she had picked up sometime in early February. She had been away at a health care conference in Kansas City the same week the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV presumbly one of the first super spreader events. We treated patient 2 with 20+ sessions at 1.3atm for 90 minutes. Within 4-6 weeks she was able to workout at 100% strength.

After treating more than 200 patients over the last two years I am proud to report our personal success related to treating people post Covid and post long haul Covid. We have had tremendous success and it's been nice to see the medical community finally use hyperbaric oxygen for things other than the bends and burns.

What are lingering COVID-19 symptoms?

Lingering COVID-19 symptoms can last weeks or months after a patient is deemed negative with COVID-19 and can happen to anyone who had the virus even if they had no symptoms while infected.

“I believe these lingering symptoms are due to the oxygen saturations dropping so low for multiple days while fighting the illness. The body is in such a hypoxic state from not getting enough oxygen that it is doing its best to fight the virus and the symptoms that, in most, do not present until after the illness. From there, it is causing a domino effect of symptoms that can vary from person to person,” continues Jason Stone.

People with this complication have reported experiencing one or many of the following symptoms:

  • Tiredness or fatigue

  • Brain fog

  • Headache

  • Loss of smell or taste

  • Dizziness while standing

  • Heart palpitations

  • Chest pain

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

  • Cough

  • Joint or muscle pain

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Fever

  • Symptoms that get worse after physical or mental activities.

What are the treatment options for lingering COVID-19 symptoms?

Although most long COVID patients are suffering debilitating symptoms, many try to merely heal with time through rest and different therapies. However, the medical community has made steady progress in recent months in finding better treatments for patients looking for quicker relief.

Patients seeking relief are being encouraged to work with their primary care doctor or physicians at long COVID clinics to design a comprehensive care plan that treats their symptoms from the most to least severe.

How can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help with lingering COVID-19 symptoms?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is currently being used and studied as an effective form of treatment for lingering COVID-19 symptoms due to its ability to reverse hypoxia, reduce neuro-inflammation, and improve tissue oxygenation amongst other benefits.

Studies and clinical trials are currently being conducted around the world to study the healing powers of oxygen and HBOT for lingering COVID-19 symptoms with highly regarded medical professionals both nearby in Colorado and across the globe in places like Israel. As more research is conducted and evaluated, you can explore the latest findings in our research library.

How we can help

At Icelandic Fitness and Recovery, we are treating more and more patients with lingering COVID-19 symptoms each day. “With our protocol, most of our patients are dramatically reducing to even eliminating their symptoms within 8-10 sessions,” shares owner Jason Stone.

We have successfully treated patients with a wide variety of symptoms including:

  • Brain fog

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Weakness

  • Wounds from blood clots while on ventilator

  • Cardiac conditions

  • Tremors

  • Persistent cough, and

  • Loss of taste.

To learn more about how Icelandic Fitness and Recovery can help give us a call at 303-641-8149 or email at

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