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Happy Client

I’m not sure where to begin. I started going to Jason about 10 months ago. I have trained with other personal trainers in the past, and nobody comes close to what I have experienced with Jason at Icelandic Fitness. Jason has changed my life. His customized workouts, activation exercises and nutritional guidance have transformed my body and life. Jason is extremely knowledgeable and shares that with his clients. He listens to what you want to achieve and customizes the training program just for you and your goals. He mixes workouts up so it never gets boring and you are always challenging yourself in new ways. I am grateful that I found Jason and couldn’t be happier. He is the best around and I would recommend him to anyone regardless of fitness level.

Katy N.

Colorado Buffaloes lady Golfer


Amazing Results

I was inspired to train with Icelandic Fitness after seeing my friend’s amazing results. Now, after working with Jason Stone for just a few short months I am hooked! Jason partners with you to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your personal goals. He’s extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and very motivating.

The 30-minute workouts are intense and highly effective. I lost weight, gained muscle; feel healthier and more excited and ready to take on the world. I absolutely recommend Icelandic Fitness and Jason as a personal trainer. You will be thrilled with the results!
-Clare T. Denver, CO


I have recommended Icelandic Fitness to a number of friends. Each person had different goals in mind and everyone is incredibly satisfied with their results. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for- improving your golf game, becoming a stronger skier, dropping a dress size, or just needing someone to inspire and motivate you; Jason Stone is your guy! He is smart, kind and a lot of fun.
Can’t say enough!
-April P: Denver, CO

Variable Intensity

I have been working out in a small group with Jason and Icelandic Fitness twice a week for over a year and I can’t imagine managing a fitness routine during a busy workweek without him. His workouts are extremely efficient (30-45 minutes), intense, and varied.

He brings patient enthusiasm to each work out and takes personal interest in our successes and happiness — both in and outside the gym. I would recommend Jason to anyone — from those with specialized fitness or athletic goals, to those who just want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Jason gives wide-ranging and helpful advice and calmly energizes, motivates, and leads by example. I’ve grown markedly stronger over the year, and it’s pure pleasure working out with Jason!
Grace M.: Denver, CO

Boston Marathon Bound

As a long distance runner, I’m always striving to improve my performance during races. In 2010, I ran a half marathon personal record (PR) of 1:40:16 and I’ve been trying to get my time under 1:40 ever since. I never thought it would be so hard to take 16 seconds off my finish time!

Almost four years and 10 half marathons later, I was targeting yet another race. This time, the difference was the approach Jason brought to my training. He taught me new warm up stretches and muscle activation drills and a routine for stretching after training runs. Jason recognized that I needed to work on my running posture and power. Every week we did a variety of workouts focusing on mastering hip extension movements, explosive power and proper mechanics- all resulting in more efficient and faster running.

The tweaks to my training helped me get faster and stronger. Jason also devoted time coaching me on the mental side of running- I needed a lot of help! All of his dedication to my goal resulted in a new PR of 1:38:35 after almost 4 years of trying.

As a 55-year-old female, beating my old PR by almost 1-½ minutes is a huge achievement. Training with Jason made the difference.
Carolyn W., Golden, CO


My previous trainer had moved out of state when Jason Stone was recommended to me. I have to admit that I’m pretty picky. I don’t want to do a “set” and then rest and then do another “set” of the same exercise and rest again. I want an efficient and effective total-body workout that I can knock out in a 30-minute session. I said as much to Jason the first time I met him.

Over two years later, I consider myself lucky to have found him. He offers that perfect balance of challenging exercises and gentle encouragement that is unique and tough to find in a personal trainer. He provides creative exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once in a quick circuit. It is highly efficient and never redundant.

Whatever your fitness goals are – quite simply – he’s the best. Jason is one of the most genuine people I know. As other reviewers have mentioned, he works with you, understanding that success will come, everything is a journey and he’s there to assist you in any way he can.

Jason is one of my favorite people and I’m grateful to have him in my support network. I highly recommend him. If you are considering an investment in your health and you should be, because you are worth it– you will call Jason and set up a consultation.
You won’t be disappointed.
Linda B., Denver, CO

38 to a 33 WAIST!!!

Icelandic Fitness – and owner/trainer Jason Stone – provide a drama/judgement free, high intensity training environment geared towards YOUR success – not others.

As a trainer, Jason encourages you to succeed at your pace (whatever that may be), while gently pushing to go beyond what you thought you could do. He is available for questions, and encouragement, anytime. As someone who travels for work at least once a month, Jason even customized a workout I could take on the road with me. A client for one year, my fitness has improved immensely – from a 38 waist to a 33/34 waist, more strength and stamina, and a better overall image of myself. While the work has to be done, Jason – and Icelandic Fitness – are an AWESOME place to be able to do it.

JR, Denver, CO

I cannot give high enough praise for Jason and Icelandic Fitness! I have been a client for 8 years and have never come across a more knowledgable, supportive, balanced approach in a fitness center. Jason provides so much more than just exercise technique; he is one of the most authentic listeners I have ever met and he always treats his clients with the utmost care and individualized support. He can help you get to the root of a fitness/health problem, be it mental or physical. I would never want to go anywhere else after having the pleasure of working with him.

Stephanie, Centennial, Colorado



Jason most definitely deserves 5 star. My son who is 10 had a concussion on Saturday (Football) He was discharged from ER with a concussion and sent home to rest. Having a bit of past knowledge of an HBOT chamber and the importance of restoring what’s been shifted.. I googled “HBOT” near me and icelandic fitness is only one of two that popped up the the Denver metro area. I reached out to see how I go about getting my son seen and within 30 minutes of contacting his office he was able to get us in that same morning (literally within 2 hours). My son went in pretty sore still from his hit. His headache was very much still present. Jason determined he should spend 60 minutes in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. My son responded well, he was able to complete the session at the normal rate and length of time for his 1st session. Upon exiting the chamber he felt refreshed and very alert. His eyes alone allowed us to see a huge change in his appearance and alertness. The drive home he seemed to talk a lot as if he gained more energy then before going in. We will definitely be going in for a 2nd round within the next week and are eager to get him back to his normal self. Highly recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy for concussion cases. Thank you Jason! Our family Appreciates you and the treatment you offer.

Diseree G



Jason is the man! Highly knowledgeable about injury recovery and strength training. His gym space has all the tools to support both, including a Hyperbaric chamber that increases recovery time and just gives you tons of energy. He’s helped me recover from a golf injury and I continue to work with him on strengthening the weak areas that lead up to my injuries. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone interested in fitness in general, golf fitness and injury recovery and prevention. Two thumbs up!

Paul Frye