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Leaving behind technology and making your life better

Last week I was in Chipolte enjoying lunch.  Like always I was carrying my cell phone with me and was browsing useless information on the web and Facebook.  What I also noticed was everyone else in the restaurant was doing the exact same thing, also the people standing in-line.  Technology has become a security blanket for society.  Instead of being connected to our thoughts  we have become addicted to these electronic devices.  We don’t even look at one another in line, we look at our phones.  Google just released a study that the average person looks at their phone up to a 150x a day.  If we subtract our sleep we average 8x an hour, and that doesn’t account for how much time we spend on the device.  I decided to come up with a list for places we use technology that would positively impact our lives if we left our phone or tablet in the car or put away.

Top 5 places to ditch your cell phone:

1.  Gym – unless you are listening to music leave your phone in the car.  Your distracted workout becomes pathetic while your texting  in between sets or on the treadmill while walking.

2.  Bed – having a cell phone near your bed causes interrupted sleep, either turn it off or turn to airplane mode

3. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner –  Enjoy your company and your food, leave the phone alone during eating

4. Car – your text can wait, I see people texting on the interstate, at stop lights, anywhere they can look at their phone, put your phone in your backseat and arrive to your destination safely

5.  The Outdoors – we don’t need technology on a hike, ski slope, or golf course.  Enjoy what you are doing and ditch the phone