Neubie by NeuFit System - Icelandic Fitness and Recovery

The Neubie is a direct current electrical stimulation device that is FDA approved for neuromuscular reeducation, the relief or management of pain, preventing muscle atrophy, increasing blood circulation, relaxation of muscle spasms, maintaining or increasing range of motion, and post surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis. This device, when used in conjunction with the NeuFit system, can help patients recover faster from chronic pain, injuries or surgeries.

Often times, when the body experiences trauma, the muscles surrounding that area will contract to protect the body from further injury. Using the NeuFit system, we can tap into the body’s ability to relax those muscles again, which allows them function better to support the injured area as it heals, while at the same time promoting the body’s natural ability to heal through improved circulation.

The type of signal that we use mimics, as closely as possible, the same signal that the brain sends to the muscles. Because of this biocompatibility, we are able to tap into patient’s own nervous system to promote a specific type of neuromuscular re-education: the lengthening of muscles and more efficient movement.

A typical initial evaluation includes manual muscle testing, manual muscle activations, an assessment process using the Neubie to pinpoint areas of neurological deficiency, and then, using the results of the search process, an active treatment in which the Neubie is combined with functional movement patterns to reeducate the neuromuscular system to work properly. To allow maximum amount of benefit for rehabilitation, we typically recommend two appointments per week, although that can vary depending on the situation.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Marisa Hughes or Mike Pastor via 845.216.2473 or 347.628.2894 and via email or