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Jason Stone, Founder of Icelandic Fitness

Jason Stone, Founder of Icelandic Fitness

Jason Stone is the founder and owner of Icelandic Fitness.  Growing up in a military family I had the opportunity to travel the world.  Of all the places I have lived and traveled Iceland held a special place in my heart.  The country is one of the most inspiring places in the world.  With the most amazing natural beauty you could imagine

Jason Stone specializes in strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.  His individualized and integrative programs have helped individuals and athletes of all ages improve performance, prevent injuries, and improve their overall health and wellness.  Jason Stone’s, Icelandic Fitness, is located in Denver, Colorado.

With an advanced science degree from the University of Florida and over 18 years of sports performance coaching Jason Stone is committed to being one of the top strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation experts in the Denver, Colorado area.  As a former college baseball player Jason understands what it takes to perform and keep your body in the best condition for your sport.

Jason wants a commitment from the most serious clients looking for life changing results.  My goal is to hold you accountable to your goal and guide you along the way.  Whether its a 100 pounds of weight loss or the last 10 pounds, you will reach your goal if you follow my program.  We have weekly, monthly, and quarterly assessments to help us succeed together.