Why Iceland? - Icelandic Fitness and Recovery

Why Iceland?

Iceland is a volcanic island in the northern Atlantic ocean. It is a frozen planet, surrounded by rugged mountains and steaming geysers. Icelanders live a pure and simple way of life. They drink from the purest sources of glacier water, eat only what they raise on the land and just surviving the brutal, dark winters, makes them strong–both physically and emotionally. It’s no surprise then, that Iceland is the healthiest country in the world and the people are fittest on Earth.

The founder of Icelandic Fitness, Jason Stone, lived in Iceland as a child. He was awestruck by the landscape, the people and their extremely healthy lifestyle. He describes it as “a mystical and spiritual place,” that left a lasting impression in his mind, heart and soul. He always dreamed of bringing a little bit of Iceland to Colorado, by helping his clients become the best they can be–from the inside–out. Whether it be weight loss, toning body sculpting, strengthening, or sport specific training–the ultimate results are only achieved when the body is in balance. That comes from flexibility and movement training, strength training, sports, and a healthy diet.