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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) at Icelandic Fitness



What is Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) ?

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy located at Icelandic Fitness in Denver, CO is a safe, effective method of delivering oxygen to the body at a cellular level. It is in the combination of Pressure and Oxygen combined together that allows the body to begin to heal on its own.

Increasing pressure has beneficial effects on the body, including oxygenating the cells, reducing swelling and inflammation, improving blood flow and circulation.

We use Hyperbaric treatment at Icelandic Fitness as a way for our athletes to quickly recover from soreness or fatigue for increased sports performance.


Vitaeris 320 at Icelandic Fitness and Recovery, Denver Colorado

Vitaeris 320 at Icelandic Fitness and Recovery, Denver Colorado

How does Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy help?

Most illnesses are caused by microbial organisms. Our cells are toxic due to the high levels of environmental pollutants and the preservatives in our foods. When cells become congested with toxins, they don’t allow for sufficient oxygen to enter the cell, and the cell becomes predisposed to disease. HBOT increases the strength of the cell and forces oxygen into the cell to aid in the detoxifying process. Our cells love and need oxygen to thrive! The good news is that bacteria, fungi, microbes, and viruses cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment!

The idea for HBOT and athletic performance was originally developed through scuba diving when divers reported feeling refreshed and invigorated, even after surfacing. Some even noted that their joint stiffness disappeared and that their focus became very sharp. Today, medical studies on the healing properties of HBOT have triggered this therapy’s growth beyond the diving world. HBOT has been proven beneficial for not only athletic performance, but also a wide range of diseases. These include: stroke, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. It also can help individuals recovering from any type of surgery (plastic, reconstructive) as it facilitates wound healing.

There are many expected benefits of HBOT, which include:

  • Increase of oxygen to tissues 25 times normal levels
  • Stimulates production of body stem cells
  • Boosts immune function and increases ability to fight infection
  • Decreases swelling and inflammation
  • Detoxification
  • Promotes regeneration of injured tissues
  • Reduces fatigue from chronic inadequate oxygen supply to cells and tissues
  • Reduces jet lag related fatigue
  • Decreases ligament healing time
  • Successfully treats traumatic and ischemic brain injuries, like strokes
  • Increases Energy

For more information contact Jason Stone,  email: jasonstonefitness@gmail.com

office phone number for Icelandic Fitness and Recovery  303-641-8149


***Coronavirus (Covid19) Hyperbaric Oxygen Cleaning Precautions***

To combat the spread of the virus Icelandic Fitness is running an Ozone generator (a powerful sterilizer) in the hyperbaric chamber for 20 minutes between each session to ensure the complete destruction of all viruses, pathogens, bacteria, pollen, mold, and smells.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

$75 per 1 hour session for your first session, includes a one time approval

Package of 5 Sessions $350

Package of 10 Sessions $650

Package of 20 Sessions $1200

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Jason Stone Owner of Icelandic Fitness and Recovery Denver




Icelandic Fitness and Recovery Hyperbaric Testimonials



“After suffering a scooter accident, I turned to Jason Stone at Icelandic Fitness. He has a state of the art hyperbaric chamber that really helped speed up the healing process. My face was cut and bruised, so were my hands and ear, and I thought it would be at least a month before the wounds were healed. Boy, was I wrong! After only four sessions in his chamber, my wounds healed faster than I could have imagined. For anyone who is recovering from surgery, or simply wants to minimize the healing time and bruising, I recommend visiting Jason at Icelandic Fitness. Not only is it an awesome gym, but a place to get that extra health boost of oxygen in a great environment!”



“Jason most definitely deserves 5 star. My son who is 10 had a concussion on Saturday (Football) He was discharged from ER with a concussion and sent home to rest. Having a bit of past knowledge of an HBOT chamber and the importance of restoring what’s been shifted.. I googled “HBOT” near me and icelandic fitness is only one of two that popped up the the Denver metro area. I reached out to see how I go about getting my son seen and within 30 minutes of contacting his office he was able to get us in that same morning (literally within 2 hours). My son went in pretty sore still from his hit. His headache was very much still present. Jason determined he should spend 60 minutes in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. My son responded well, he was able to complete the session at the normal rate and length of time for his 1st session. Upon exiting the chamber he felt refreshed and very alert. His eyes alone allowed us to see a huge change in his appearance and alertness. The drive home he seemed to talk a lot as if he gained more energy then before going in. We will definitely be going in for a 2nd round within the next week and are eager to get him back to his normal self. Highly recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy for concussion cases. Thank you Jason! Our family Appreciates you and the treatment you offer.”



Soft Tissue Injuries

“As an Ironman triathlete, I dedicate long hours to training for my competitions. I was recently diagnosed with a meniscus tear in my left knee and was told I would be out of training and any races for several months. I was frustrated about that and in search for a way to speed up the recovery. I had heard of Jason Stone at Icelandic Fitness through my connections and, not only of his extensive background in exercise physiology, but of his holistic approach to fitness and his state-of-the-art recovery tools. Post-surgery, I immediately began treatment with Jason by utilizing his hyperbaric chamber. I felt a slight improvement within hours of my first treatment. By my 5th treatment, my doctor said he was impressed with my rapid recovery and that I could start exercising and even real training much earlier than anticipated! I am so glad I had this resource and would highly recommend Icelandic Fitness, Jason Stone and the hyperbaric chamber to anyone with fitness goals and/or needing help with an injury or post-operative healing.”