Dr. John Paul Krueger - Icelandic Fitness and Recovery


Dr. Krueger grew up in Missouri and attended undergraduate studies at Missouri State University before studying medicine at the University of Missouri in Columbia. After completion of a residency in family medicine with the University of Colorado, he worked for many years with community health centers of the Boston area. As he became disenchanted with the practice of medicine, he was accepted into a fellowship in integrative medicine for underserved where he was trained in medical acupuncture and group visits. Staying on as faculty, he continued to practice medical acupuncture, while pursuing and incorporating osteopathic medicine and functional medicine as an adjunct to better approach the concept of health for his patients. After returning to Colorado, he recently became the first MD to complete an additional training dedicated to osteopathy. Currently, he will be offering functional medicine consults, five element acupuncture consults, and osteopathic consults. He does not have any active plans of adding buprenorphine management for opioid dependence services.

Services offered:

  1. Medical Acupuncture: After receiving training for physician acupuncture during his integrative medicine fellowship in 2010. His preferred focus is the Five Element Classical Acupuncture style. This system is effective for wounds of the spirit and soul. When the complaint is more musculoskeletal or systemic, he may recommend traditional Chinese medicine, oriental medicine, or another alternative. $120 Initial 90 min, $80 Follow-up 60 min
  2. Osteopathy: Osteopathy arose in the mid-1800s and was founded by Andrew Taylor Still, MD. At its foundation, one listens and perceives allowing and directing healing. This is a manual medicine with emphasis on the hands for both listening and treatment. Manual medicine has a philosophy and therapeutic system which encompasses direct physical adjustments, indirect fasciae techniques, to the gentler techniques of osteopathy in the cranial field. Tension points, myofascial strain patterns, or other restrictions are detected and treated through this paradigm. Frequency of visits, are weekly to annually, depending on needing, although being seen every week or two weeks for 1-2 months is normal. This hands-on-system of healing overlaps and synergistically combines with massage, physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise prescriptions, chiropractic care, yoga therapy. $250 Initial 60 min, $160 Follow-up 30 min
  3. Functional Medicine: A system of medicine that reformulates the conventional organ-system classification of disease and reinterprets the information an individual’s story history with the antecedents, triggers, and mediators of disease for better understanding causation. The interplay of this tapestry of environmental and genetic influences is utilized to conceptualize the principle imbalances of health and disease. Further information is sought through advanced lab testing to detect these patterns of imbalance in the inflammation, detoxification, energy production and balance, hormonal communication, structural integrity, immune system and assimilation. With all of the training completed, his certification exam is due for April 2021 with the Institute of Functional Medicine. I enjoy attempting to help people reverse, ameliorate, or heal their chronic disease especially those that encompass autoimmunity, neurodegenerative disorders, cognitive decline, PTSD, TBI. My hope is to offer an effective system utilizing Dr.

Mark Gordon’s work on TBI utilizing the neurohormonal optimization within a functional medicine lifestyle framework, with dedicated to osteopathy in the cranial field to restore a patient to full functionality. $375 Initial 90 mins, $225 Follow-up 45 mins

  1. Family Medicine: John Paul Krueger does not offer primary care services at this time. Please maintain your PCP as per your insurance.
  2. Yoga Therapeutic Exercise classes informed by osteopathy. I am excited my first “yoga” class at Icelandic Fitness This class will be the first time I am committing myself to teaching and sharing what I have learned over this amazing 20 year journey into healing, alignment, anatomy, exercise prescription, fasciae, osteopathy, western medicine, physiology and acupuncture. I truly am at a loss to explain all the various influences which will contribute to this class. After obtaining my 500-yoga teaching certificate from Barbara Benagh in Boston, I am finally offering my skills to teach my first ever recurring class. This course currently is envisioned at a ongoing class, designed to help teach clients how to fix and treat their own restrictions and problems, ideally diminishing the need for formal treatments and therapy.
  3. Amazonian Medicine: He currently functions as interim medical director for Plantmed, an organization dedicated to preserving, studying, and sharing the Amazonian medical tradition. This system of medicine is unique in its use of master plants within the context of an entire lifestyle reset for accessing healing.