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Don’t Gobble Gobble


Instead of gaining weight, gain money.  Icelandic Fitness will be holding a contest to see who can maintain or lose the most during the dreaded holiday season. Beginning next week all those who would like to participate are going to throw in $25 to the pot and weigh, for those of you who are not clients you can stop by the gym and weigh too. The contest is simple you gain weight, you lose. If you are under your starting weight you split the pot. The contestant with the highest percentage weight lost will get the grand prize of either a $100 gift certificate to (Whole Foods, Sports Authority, or Lululemon).

Weigh in Period:

November 23rd-25th (Pre-Thanksgiving)

January 2nd-9th (Post New Years week)


Good luck to everyone, I will be posting participation numbers at the end of the week.

Icelandic Fitness



Rotational Exercises for golf and tennis, Part I

Rotational Speed and Strength for increased club and racket speed


The keys to hitting the golf ball farther or the tennis ball harder is stability and speed.  These exercises in the Youtube video below will help you with both.

Perform each of the movements for a total of 3 Sets and 10-12 reps.

Exercise 1 : Cable Trunk Rotation

Exercise 2 : Cable high to low split stance chop

Exercise 3 : High to Low rotational lift

Huff and Puff before and after you Stuff

Hey fitness fans,

Are you excited with the upcoming holiday season? Thinking of all the wonderful foods you will enjoy on Thanksgiving? We all love some good home cooked dishes, and we know the importance of working off those calories before and after we indulge. We are having an hour long burn Thanksgiving morning at 10am, and a FREE day after Thanksgiving burn at 10am. Come POUND away those extra calories and enjoy a fantastic stress relieving workout. Haven’t tried POUND yet? Check it out here-