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Power Plate Training

Power Plate® Training


I am pleased to announce the addition of a new training tool to the Icelandic Fitness facility. Power Plate is a workout machine that you can use to do a number of exercises including standing or sitting work. The machine is designed to increase the intensity of your workouts by generating vibrations at various speeds. Higher speeds or frequencies are great for increasing fat loss, while lower speeds are great for working core and balance. The vibrations serve to increase blood flow and during speed and cardio training increase muscle contractions. At certain frequencies Power Plate can cause your muscles to contract 900 times in 30 minutes! Talk about an effective workout in a short time. Finally, at any frequency level on the Power Plate the vibrations help build bone density and prevent bone loss or osteoporosis, giving you better overall health.



If you are ready to take your workouts to the next level incorporating the Power Plate is definitely something I encourage you to try.