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Run Into Spring!

Run into Spring!

With warm weather comes the opportunity for many more outdoor training activities. One activity more easily done outside is running. Running is a great cardiovascular activity, and a great way to challenge yourself with running is to train for a half or full marathon. Running one or both of these distances can make you feel very accomplished.

Bolder Boulder

Bolder Boulder

Training for a marathon will be the toughest part. As with all goals I recommend starting slow. Begin by trying to run for 30 minutes 3-4 times per week. Do Not worry about the distance as you begin, just run. After about two weeks of 30-minute runs, begin running for distance by running 3 miles twice per week with rest days in between. On your third running day of the week run 5-6 miles. Every other week increase the distances you run by about 2-3 miles for each day you run in that specific week. Eventually you will have one practice run of 13 miles or 20 miles, depending on your goal. Once you hit either 13 or 20 miles, you will need to DECREASE your distances to prepare your body for race day. Finally, 2-3 days before race day, you need to rest; otherwise you are in danger of overworking your body.

Beyond the actual training two other points to consider in preparing for a marathon are: nutrition and footwear. For nutrition, I recommend still keeping it balanced, with a few days higher in carbohydrates. Hydration is EXTREMELY important too. Skipping nutrition WILL NOT help you lose weight. For footwear I recommend wearing shoes that make it feel as if you are running barefoot. One example of a good shoe is the Nike Free, though there are many available on the market.

So grab some water, lace up some awesome shoes and go run.

Possible marathons you can add to your calendar.

– May 26th: Bolder Boulder: Boulder, CO

– June 18th: Summit Trail Run #2: Breckenridge, CO

– July 4th: Half on the 4th – Half Marathon: Colorado Springs, CO

– August 9th: Neon Dash: Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Denver, CO

– September 1st: 2014 American Discovery Trail Marathon, Marathon Relay, and Half Marathon: Colorado Springs, CO