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Protein Alternative

Bad Protein

Years ago I wrote an article that I was getting away from (whey, egg, and of course soy) protein powder supplementation. The daily ritual of a morning protein shake along with breakfast and then a shake immediately after my workouts started to make me sick.  I was getting bloated, gassy, gut inflammation, and other digestive issues.  You name it, I felt it.


After 5 years I found something I believe in.  As a quick protein supplement immediatley after your workouts or even as a meal replacement.


Not only do they have the most amazing flavors with almost no sugar, the products even taste great with water as the mixer.  The protein is derived a 100% from plant based sources.  We all know unless you are vegetarian most people get 99% of their daily protein from non-plant based sources.

I don’t endorse many products but VEGA Protein is AWESOME!!  If you are outside of Denver, Vega products can be ordered online or store bought at health food stores like Vitamin Cottage and Whole Foods.  If you are in the Denver area and interested in trying any of the Vega products I can send you samples, and even order the products for you.